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Whether the Sanakey was bought with quick pain relief in mind or for the general treatment of acute and chronic pain, th possibilities for home use are endless. Applying impulses to the surface of the skin has an effect on the autonomic nervous system and thus on the body’s own adjustment processes. The body’s defences are strengthened and the body is shown a route to self-healing.

The device is extremely user friendly and the treatment protocols simple and effective. Accompanying literature and videos help you with the operation. Sanakey, as with Physiokey, has almost no side effects. However, you should observe the contraindications. Where appropriate, please check with your doctor or therapist.

Holistic Health

You can combine Sanakey with most other therapies. You can, therefore, adopt a holistic approach and use Sanakey to support other prescribed treatments. Always ask your doctor if using a combination of modalities is appropriate for your case. 

The Functional Principle

The effect on the autonomic nervous system and thus on the body's own adjustment and regulatory processes strengthens the body’s defences and shows the body a route to self-healing. The adaptive and regulatory way in which the Sanakey works is produced by constant skin and tissue resistance measurements. As a result, each signal individually adapts to the actual state of the body.

1. Impulse application

The first application of an impulse occurs as soon as the Sanakey comes into contact with the skin. If there is no skin contact, the device emits no signals.

2. Impulse absorption

However, this impulse only goes tenths of a millimeter under the skin.

3. Impulse transmission

Once the impulse is absorbed through the skin, the information is transmitted into the body.

4. Impulse interpretation and adjustment

The “response reaction” is measured by the Sanakey within microseconds. The next impulse application is adapted to this “body response”.

Examples of use

Locomotor system - e.g. sports injuries

Almost everyone has experienced musculoskeletal pain or disfunction in some form. Whether for acute or chronic indications – the Sanakey was specifically developed for this. In general, it can be used to treat back pain, joint pain, muscle dysfunctions, and muscle tension. You can read how to apply the treatment in the literature provided with the product.

Nervous system - e.g. headaches

Because of the way it works, the Sanakey is suitable for the treatment of most problems of the nervous system. In acute cases, a local treatment is often sufficient to provide relief. For chronic illnesses, longer treatment cycles may be required. Further information about the use can be found in the literature provided. However, please always clarify the cause of symptoms with your doctor. On their advice, you can also use your Sanakey to accompany conventional medical therapies.

Internal organs - e.g. for functional disorders

With the option of configuring various treatment programmes in the Sanakey, you can pursue a variety of goals. The device can thus also be used in support of conventional medical therapies for the improvement of function and pain relief in chronic illnesses. Here, each treatment is fundamentally oriented toward the current symptoms. These symptom zones are then treated in a defined manner with the Sanakey. The literature provided also helps here.

Form follows function

Your Sanakey is a result of modern technology and intuitive design. A touch screen and a full-color LCD screen reveal the power of what‘s inside. Advanced technology combined with the highest consideration for useability and durability.
The result speaks for itself, the future of health devices, a skilled collaboration of science and engineering to give you a tool composed of over 150 individual parts and, of course, with German gold standards and pioneering technology.

Indications and Contraindications


Dimensions: 185 x 51 x 28 mm (L x W x H)
Weight: 150g
Connection: USB
Charging voltage:
5V +/- 0,5V max.
Charging time:
ca. 180 min
Typical operating period:
6h (depending on the mode)

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