Treatment Indications & Contraindications

Indications of use

The goal of Physiokey and Sanakey is the relief of acute and chronic pain, the improvement of blood circulation and passive muscle stimulation for the areas of application:

application areas

• nervous system
• musculoskeletal system
• digestive tract
• urogenital area

The treatment time of the device is recommended for a few minutes up to a maximum of one hour. In most cases, the application is carried out with the device moved on the skin.

Physiokey and Sanakey are medical devices. The area of ​​application extends both in the trained professional therapy area and in the home area by medical laypersons.

Contraindications (contraindications) and non-areas of application

Keytec devices must not be used in the following cases:
• No use for skin injuries (eg open or not completely healed wounds)
• No use in body openings
• No use for wearers of active implants (eg pacemakers)
• No use in the uterine area (uterus) in pregnant women
• No use over tumors
• No use for cardiac arrhythmia
• No use for malignant diseases without medical advice

Side effects

Keytec devices have extremely low side effects. However, the following cases can be perceived as a side effect:

Symptom aggravation: During the initial applications, symptoms can aggravate, as the body becomes aware of, and addresses chronic issues. Increased pain, sore muscles and other reactions can be associated with this in certain cases. As a rule, however, they subside after a short time. If they persist, stop using it for a few days and consult a doctor if necessary.

As with all metals, the steels of the alternating electrodes contain traces of nickel. With a severe nickel allergy, skin irritation can occur.

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